About Us

Photo of out Consultants Julian (Left), Karen (Right)

Our Consultants Julian (Left), Karen (Right)

We are Registered Dietitians with years of professional experience between us. We were both trained in the UK, and we live and work in Barbados. In 2010 we founded Bajan Diet Designs Nutrition Consultancy where we provide a wide variety of nutritional services

We always encourage our clients to make good food choices as an important step towards the prevention and management of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity and certain cancers.

These chronic conditions are sometimes called “lifestyle diseases” since it is known that they can often be prevented with good eating (and exercise) habits. They tend to run in families and we both have first-hand experience of the challenges and difficulties that can be caused by diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.

As wives and mothers, we have always tried to put our knowledge of nutrition into practice when preparing family meals. As dietitians, we talk with clients every day about the benefits of healthy eating and the need to make changes. And every day, our clients ask us the same question – “What can I eat?”

It’s as a result of all of these experiences that we were inspired to write our “What can I eat?” book series. These books contain practical suggestions and tasty recipes for healthy family meals and treats. It’s our way of answering that perennial question and, at the same time, trying to dispel the myth that healthy eating means bland and boring food for the rest of your life.

Our Services include:

Nutritional counselling with Julian – for individuals and families – specialising in:

  • Diabetes – including gestational diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Weight management
  • Renal
  • Home tube-feeding
  • Children’s nutritional issues – including diabetes and weight management

Individualised meal plans

Tell us about your favourite foods, a typical day’s meals, your daily routine and your nutrition goals, and we can design simple-to-follow meal plans to get you started:

  • 1-day
  • 3-day
  • 7-day

Body Composition Assessment and Body Age Analysis

Did you know that extra weight can take years off your life? Do you want to know if you”re at a healthy weight? We can measure your Body Fat and Body Age – book an appointment today!

Worksite Health & Wellness Programmes

Good health can mean increased productivity. We can come to your workplace and conduct on-site Health & Wellness Programmes. Contact us for more information. 

Guest speaking to groups and associations

You know healthy eating is important for everyone so why not invite us to come and speak to your group or association? Call or email for prices.


For more information about our services or to book an appointment please call 425-8593 or email consultants[at]bajandietdesigns[dot]com