Healthy Holiday Eating Tips (Part 2)

It’s holiday time, and the days between now and New Year’s can be filled with temptation. From office parties to family celebrations, the holidays are a time of sharing food and entertaining.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste or traditions to stay on track this holiday season. Here are some more tips to help you enjoy the season without weight gain or bouncing blood glucose control.

  • Instead of trying to lose weight during the holidays, set a goal of weight maintenance. This is more realistic, freeing you from the “all or nothing” thinking that sabotages healthy eating.
  • Do not skip meals, keep carbohydrates consistent throughout the day, and try to stick to your usual meal plan.

  • Choose smaller portions of your favourite foods, and eat slowly, savouring every bite.

  • And remember, you can find recipes for festive treats that won’t ‘break’ your diet in our “What can I eat?” books. Just look at our mouth-watering Tofu Cheesecake shown on the cover of our “Quick & easy recipes to lower your cholesterol“.





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