Healthy Holiday Eating Tips (Part 3)

If the thought of all that holiday feasting leaves you worried about eating too much fat-laden food, or simply overeating, remember that many of the traditional foods served during the holidays are perfectly healthy, you just have to get the portions right – keyword: MODERATION.

To help you enjoy the holidays without expanding your waistline, here are a few more tips to help you stay healthy:

  • Be physically active to help control blood glucose levels and to lower stress levels. Plan time for it.
  • Don’t starve yourself before that special meal – you’re more likely to eat too much if you are super hungry. Have a healthy snack and drink plenty of water beforehand.
  • Get adequate amounts of sleep.
  • Be careful with alcohol. It packs calories and can destroy your resolve to resist food temptations.
  • Even if your host insists on you eating, remember that resisting is not rude.

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Happy Holidays from Bajan Diet Designs.


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