Healthy Recipes

Start Right Porridge

5 of 5 Cook Time : 2

Start your day with this tasty porridge combo of oat flakes, oat bran, ground barley and ground linseed. It's so filling and great tasting too!

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Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

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We know... breakfast shouldn't be a treat but this sweet and crunchy parfait is sure to be. Feel free to swap your favourite fruits to mix it up a bit. ...

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Bajan-Style Beef Stew

0 of 5 Cook Time : 2:0 hours

Who doesn't love a tasty beef stew? Our recipe is loaded with vegetables, lean beef and chunks of soy, and flavoured with a blend of fresh herbs and spices . ...

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Red Velvet Surprise

0 of 5 Cook Time : 35

Here's our legendary Red Velvet Surprise, smothered with a dreamy cream cheese frosting. This recipe makes an elegant cake - moist and delicious. Count your blessings... not your calories!

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Corn Meal Cou-Cou & Jack Mackerel

5 of 5 Cook Time : 30

Sink your fork into this steaming hot bowl of cou-cou and mackerel without a word from your conscience.

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