New Year’s resolutions 2015

It’s that time again – New Year’s resolutions 2015!

Never mind what happened last year, it’s time for a fresh start. But bear this in mind, if you really want to make changes, you need to make specific goals: “I’m going to exercise more” won’t work. You need to be realistic and maybe set a goal like: “I will walk for 20 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

“I’m going to eat healthier” isn’t specific enough either. What can you do? Maybe something like: “I’ll drink water instead of a soft drink at lunch time” or “I’ll have breakfast at home instead of buying a pastry or a hot dog at the gas station on my way to work”.

If you don’t meet your target, don’t be discouraged – maybe you just need a bit more time to practice, or maybe you were too ambitious and need to modify your plan – above all, don’t give up.

And, of course, you can find more inspiration, healthy meal plans, and tempting recipes in all of our books. You can do it…


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