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LBPLower your blood pressure in 14 days” contains general information about hypertension (or high blood pressure) and the role of diet in prevention and management of this condition. No-one wants to give up well-loved foods and of course we still want to please our families. With this in mind we selected some favourite Bajan recipes for a salt “make-over” since reducing salt (or sodium) intake is an important first step towards lowering blood pressure.

Our families and friends have been the ‘guinea-pigs’ while these recipes were tested and, after some initial comments about the lack of salt, eventually everyone began to get involved and even make suggestions about which herb or spice was lacking. Their advice? …gradually reduce the amount of salt you use when cooking until finally you use hardly any – or none at all. Taste your food first rather than adding salt automatically and, if salt is needed, add it at the end of cooking. You may find it very hard to imagine eating foods with less salt or even without salt but in about 2 weeks your taste buds will start to become accustomed and you will discover that you appreciate other flavours more.

Lower your blood pressure in 14 days” has been endorsed by the Healthy Caribbean Coalition.

Every day diabetes guide: Carbs, calories… and cake?” contains general information about diabetes and the role of diet in the treatment of this condition. But more importantly, it aims to dispel the myth that when you have diabetes you have to give up all the foods you love and eat bland, tasteless ‘diabetic food’ for the rest of your life.

Instead, the book shows you how you can include well-loved foods, make healthier choices to control your diabetes, and please your family at the same time.

So whether you have just been told that you have diabetes, or you have had diabetes for a number of years, “Every day diabetes guide: Carbs, calories… and cake?” provides information and ideas to help you make better choices every day.

Every day diabetes guide: Carbs, calories… and cake?” has been endorsed by the Diabetes Association of Barbados.


Quick & easy recipes to lower your cholesterol” highlights the foods that are known to lower cholesterol and our recipes are designed to incorporate these cholesterol “superfoods” into meals that are quick and easy to make, and the whole family will love.  Our 7-Day Starter Plan shows you how to include these foods in your diet on a more regular and consistent basis.

Healthy eating habits and other lifestyle practices should be one of the first steps in managing your cholesterol. This is often not the case as many people do not yet fully understand the power of food. Another challenge is the belief that healthy eating requires too much effort and that healthy foods are bland and tasteless. Our advice is to keep an open mind and be prepared to enjoy healthy eating.

So, if you were feeling confused and wondering “What can I eat?” we hope that you will find some of the answers, and inspiration, in “Quick & easy recipes to lower your cholesterol”.


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