Lisa’s Story

What can I eat to lower my cholesterol?

Here’s Lisa’s story:

During my annual medical, the doctor informed me that my cholesterol level was 5.4 – mildly elevated above the maximum of 5.2. I already had a committed exercise routine and I thought I could address this issue on my own with a few alterations to my diet. When I returned to the doctor three months later, my cholesterol level was 5.6 – so much for my solo efforts. I was adamant that I was not going on maintenance medication.

Julian Rowe of Bajan Diet Designs was recommended to me by my brother as I sought to address this “mildly elevated cholesterol level”. Julian was attentive and wrote a diet plan for me to follow. Now, my brother had indicated that this would be a tailor-made plan and would not be difficult to follow as she considers one’s likes and dislikes. He also assured me that her fees were affordable and did not require numerous visits. I found this all to be true. Julian was also very accessible, returning my phone calls when I queried whether I could use certain foods or substitute items in the plan. I also had my initial visit plus one other within the three month time frame of returning to the doctor.

The first week on the program required focus and determination as I sought to control what I was accustomed to snacking on and to reduce my portion sizes. I also needed to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I realized I was eating way too much and that Julian had not just given me a program but educated me to what was healthy for my body.

I love sweets and crave chocolate and Julian allowed me 10 M&Ms as necessary but I found that when I did crave chocolate, M&Ms were a little too sweet…a shock for me! Julian provided recipes for sweet snacks such as coconut bread, banana walnut loaves, etc. If you don’t mind baking, then you can bake these, but I had no intention of baking so I purchased these from Julian and cut them into portion sizes to help with that craving for a sweet treat.chol

During the first three months, I realized that what Julian had done was not simply to give me a diet plan but to create a lifestyle change. I was very nervous about returning to the doctor as that visit would be the proof of the pudding…. This lifestyle change would be worthless if the dratted cholesterol level had not decreased! The result – my cholesterol level was 4.4 and I was elated! I must also share with you that there were some very positive side effects. I lost some weight and my digestive system felt lighter. I also felt a sense of accomplishment that I had the discipline to make positive changes towards a healthy body.

It is somewhat of a surprise that more persons have not chosen the route of a healthy diet to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. I nipped the first indicator in the bud, before it got out of control. Julian was there to guide me in her field of specialty and was patient and encouraging. Yes, it did take effort and discipline on my part but I would much rather spend my time and money on prevention of a chronic disease than on trying to reverse the effects of a stroke or heart attack.

Bajan Diet Designs will now be used by me to keep on track as I have essentially achieved my objective. Thanks to Julian, this is an affordable measure towards maintaining good health.