Lisa’s Story

Lisa at the start of her storyAlmost 3 years ago, a routine blood test at my Ophthalmologist started this journey. I hadn’t eaten but my blood glucose was high. Later that same day my doctor confirmed the diagnosis – Type 2 diabetes…  I was put on medication straight away.

That first day I was depressed. How could I let this happen? I knew the risks. My mother and aunt had Type 1 diabetes from infancy and they died within 8 months of each other at 35 and 26 respectively. Once I realized I couldn’t ignore it and being depressed wasn’t going to help, I met with my doctor and told her I had no intention of living on medication – doctors must have figured out by now how to manage this disease.

My doctor suggested I talk to a dietitian and when I met with Julian she listened to all my concerns and explained how I could control my diabetes with diet and exercise. Julian then designed a meal plan for me and suggested I begin an exercise programme.

I got measuring cups, started my meal plan and the gym. The first few weeks were the hardest – sometimes I was so hungry! But I soon saw results – clothes fit and everyone told me I was losing weight.

One fun moment was visiting my brother and sis-in-law in New York. They knew I’d lost weight but I refused to send any photos. I was standing in front of them watching them scanning everyone, searching for me before they jumped and started screaming. My own brother didn’t recognize me!

People see me now and are shocked to learn I have diabetes because I eat what I want (within reason). They are even more shocked when I say I control it without medication – no one believes this is possible but I am living proof it is.