Nicole’s Story

Nicole at the start of her story
Hello everyone!

Nicole shares her journey towards her weight loss and healthy eating:

I have been battling with weight all my life. As I got older, i realised that my chances of developing diabetes were increasing, especially since my dad was a type 1 diabetic. Thus, i decided to do some preventative work by attending the gym.

I tried with the gym for many years with little to no results. Then I thought I would try a dietitian. I contacted Julian in September 2014. On my first visit I was 198lbs. Julian listened as I explained my issues and she reassured me that it was possible to lose the weight. Although skeptical of how it would work, I started my meal plan.The first couple of weeks were challenging however, Julian was only a WhatsApp message away to offer support especially those days I felt I would give up.


Nine months later, I did it!! I lost 39lbs (and counting) the healthy way with diet and exercise.

I am very proud of my accomplishments. I have improved my health, energy and confidence. I often question why I did not meet her years ago. I am proof that commitment and dedication pays off.


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